Take the Information Superhighway to Driving Safely

Whether you’re thinking of buying a new car or just doing some research on your current one, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a Web site that can help in several ways.

Easy Access to Safety Ratings

One of the site’s most convenient features is the 5 Star Crash Test and Rollover Ratings search engine. This online database lets you look up a vehicle by make, model and year to quickly access its safety rating. Ratings are based on a one- to five-star scale, with five being the highest. Since online test results go all the way back to 1990, this can also be the “go-to” place for those seeking information on used vehicles.

The ratings are determined by:

1. Frontal crash test: Crash-test dummies representing an average-sized adult are placed in driver and front passenger seats and secured with the vehicle’s seat belts. Vehicles are crashed into a fixed barrier at 35 mph, which is equivalent to a head-on collision between two similar vehicles each moving at 35 mph.

2. Side crash test: Crash-test dummies representing an average-sized adult are placed in the driver and rear passenger seats (driver’s side) and secured with the vehicle’s seat belts. The side crash test represents an intersection-type collision with a 3,015-pound barrier moving at 38.5 mph into a standing vehicle.

3. Rollover ratings test: Rollover ratings starting with the 2004 model year include the results of a recently implemented tipping test. Dubbed the “fishhook” for its serpentine design, this rigorous on-the-road safety test measures your chance of rollover and is the first of its kind to be conducted by a government agency. Rollover ratings for previous model years are based solely on a stationary test that measures how “top heavy” a vehicle is.

Defects and Recalls

In case you think your current car or truck has a defect, the site has a section where you can file a safety complaint, research ongoing investigations and check for recalls. Your online complaint submissions help lead to recalls and increase highway safety for everyone. In addition to reporting complaints about vehicles, vehicle equipment or tires, you can use this to file a complaint about a child safety seat. The site also provides useful information on rollover prevention, air bag safety and tire ratings.

Modified Car Online Auctions

When it comes to modified cars there has been a growing interest from people who since seeing films like the fast and the furious love the idea of modifying their car to suit there taste. With the modified car market growth it has made lots of new firm’s rich. From the customisers to the tv companies the prosperity of modifying rides has been spread amongst lots of areas of business.

Its this modified car business which propelled westwood and other famous stars to becoming tv presentors, something which further expands the market.
While a lot of the money to be made out of modified auto mobiles has been made, there is still substantial positive movement making it a fairly safe investment to start a modified related business.

So if you want a modern day business concept you cant go wrong with joining the ranks of mechanics within the market.

We have been monitoring the ‘big bang’ of modified cars from our website ModAuctions – where we not only provide a ton of modified cars for sale listings but behind all that we watch the growing audience and what they search for. The most popular phrase used to find modified cars in april 2008 for example was ‘Modified Wheel’ followed closely by ‘best modification’. In watching the metrics of customers, viewers and search numbers we are able to project estimates on where the modified car market is going, how its growing and how its swallowing similar markets.

You can view full statistics and detailed graphs on the changing face of modified cars as a business market on the site. Our most exciting figures show how paint jobs are growing at a very fast rate, the specialism of ‘air art’ has stood out for the last quarter as one of the most popular submarkets under modified motors.

The time is now – lets get modifying our cars!!

The Different Elements Of A Car Insurance Policy

The phrase “car insurance” implies that what you are insuring is your car, but the realities of car insurance are a bit more complex than that. When you purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you are protecting yourself from the costs of damaging your car, but that is just one element that makes up full automobile insurance coverage. You need insurance that can cover the legal fees that may result during a lawsuit if you take another driver to court after an accident. You need insurance that can cover the cost of prescription painkillers that you may need to buy for yourself if an uninsured driver runs a light and hits your car. These and hundreds of other possible costs that have nothing to do with your actual vehicle can be covered by so-called automobile insurance. The act of buying an insurance policy for your car is an act of making sure that it is financially safe both for yourself and for anyone else who you may encounter when you are behind the wheel.

You need to protect yourself from the potential financial hardship of paying for the medical bills of anyone who you injure in an accident, and the costs of repairing any public or private property that you may damage. In addition, before you can hit the road in most states you need enough insurance that you will be able to pay for your own medical care if you are injured in a crash caused by an uninsured motorist. So far, none of these important elements of a standard car insurance policy even mention the automobile itself!

A good collision or comprehensive insurance policy will cover at least some percentage of the cost of repair to your vehicle after physical damage. However, since not every state requires that you have this kind of insurance, don’t assume that physical damage is covered by your policy unless your agent tells you so directly. Physical damage coverage is just one element of a good automobile insurance policy, and many people consider it optional rather than necessary. The actual cost of insuring the physical form of your vehicle is almost always dwarfed by the costs of the other kinds of insurance that you need in order to drive safely, responsibly, and legally.

Other options that you will be likely to encounter when choosing a car insurance policy include things like medical payments coverage, which will help you meet the costs of medical attention after an accident. Of course, a traditional auto insurance policy includes a certain level of protection against the costs of treatment, but things like co-pays are not covered by body injury liability coverage or uninsured motorist coverage. This leads many people to take out additional insurance so that they know that they will not have a larger than necessary financial burden if a hospital stay is necessary for them, for a passenger, or for somebody else harmed during a crash.

The invention of flight by the Wright brothers has brought about a revolution in the world. The concept of speed and distance started changing. The impossible started looking possible. The perfect combination of strength, weight, and carrying capacity has been experimented and finally achieved.
The airplanes were previously called “Kites”! They did not have much power and were supplied with a lot of wing area. The streamlined aircrafts came up just before the World War I. they has cleaner aerodynamic shapes and had increased horsepower. During the First World War, the traditional wooden frames were replaced by welded steel tubing. Duraluminum was used to prepare all the assembly-wings, fuselage and tail of the flight.
Slowly metal was used to replace the use of wood in preparing the body of the flight. The revolutionary Boeing 247 combined the streamlined all-metal semi-monocoque construction, retractable landing and variable pitch propellers. Whenever there is a war, the nation tries to utilize the best technology. During World War 2, the jet fighter was developed. An all-composite design was appreciated during 1980s. The flight design by Brut Rutan made history by flying non-stop around the world without refueling.
The Voyager’s composite airframe was lightweight and circled the earth in nine days. Not only for transporting people from place to place, certain space shuttle is prepared for space flight. The various mechanical flights include <a href=”https://aerodynamix.com/night-vision-nvg-lighting/” target=”_blank”>aircraft</a>, aeroplanes, <a href=”https://aerodynamix.com/nvg-cockpits/” target=”_blank”>helicopters</a>, airships, balloons and spacecraft. Flying an aeroplane is no easy task. It involves various methods like taxiing; take off, climb, cruise, descent, flight planning, and landing. Some of the early flight pioneers were Abbas Ibn Firnas, Amelia Earhart, Alberto Santos Dumont, Armen Firman, Charles Lindbergh, Richard Pearse and ultimately the Wright Brothers.
A taxiway is used for flights to move from one place to another with the help of wheels, within the airport. The process when the flight, after gathering speed from the runway, leaves the ground and flies into the air is called takeoff. For light flights, usually full power is used. Climb involves getting the flight into the desired cruising altitude. Cruise involved changing the direction of the flight. The landing of the flight by decreasing its altitude is known as descent of a flight. Flight planning is an essential part in both private and commercial flights. Landing the flight to ground level is the ultimate part of safely handling a flight.

The Ultimate Nissan Skyline NISMO Z-TUNE

With the 34 GTR no longer in production Nismo decided to attempt building what they believed to be the ultimate Nissan Skyline GTR. Utilizing many years experience within different racing scenes it could be argued that Nismo should have the ability to do exactly that. This vehicle was to benefit from the many years of success Nismo had within motor racing. Successful race cars include the Gr-A, N1, GT500, and the “Nürburgring specification,” This car had be comfortable for the street and comply with today’s new and strict emission laws, perhaps Nismo’s biggest challenge to date.

The basic concept of the car was completed in 2000 when Nismo competed in what was called the “tuners battle” power was restricted to 600ps and Nismo came out on top. This concept was then taken to the next level were luxuries had to be added to make the car comfortable for street use. Making a race car street friendly has many challengers brake and clutch feel needs to be light and easy to use, suspension needs to softer, and luxuries like Leather seats and air-conditioning need to be added.

All these luxuries add weight so Nismo had to find a way to shed it and carbon fiber was the answer. This killed two birds with one stone by using carbon fiber chassis rigidity was also improved. To improve chassis rigidity even further the, door frames, front strut upper hood reinforcement area, and center tunnel were all spot welded and CFRP adhered. The aero parts of the car including the front bumper, front blister fenders, and hood were all made of highly ridged carbon fiber.

Aero parts were designed with cooling and down force in mind. The front bumper has large air ducts so cool air is fed to the engine, brakes and oil coolers. Fenders were widened 15mm to fit wider tread and has ducts inside the engine bay to exhaust hot air from the engine bay. The bonnet also contains ducts to exhaust hot air and utilizes a duct to ram cool air into the intake at high speeds. Front and rear under spoilers are used to improve down force.

Beating in the heart of the Nissan Skyline is a race edition RB26DETT which had proven itself lemans 24 hour race and named the Z2. This engine generates 368kw and 540Nm. NISMO utilized the many parts which had been proven on race engines and each engine was carefully hand built by Nismo mechanics and engineers to ensure the finest quality.

Many would agree that the Nismo Nissan Skyline GTR is the ultimate street performance car. It is luxuries, tame enough to drive on the street comfortably and yet its race bread heritage means it still performs brilliantly on the race track. In beast motoring #15 the Nismo Z-tune broke the street car lap record previously held by the Ferrari F360R.

Pictures, more specifications plus a time attack video between the Z- tune and the Ferrari can be seen at this website nissanskyline.6te.net.

Glenn Munn
Skyline Enthusiast

The Auto Blog features New and Upcoming Vehicles

Every year, dozens of new concept and production vehicles are introduced by the world’s automakers out into an eagerly anticipating public. Exciting concept cars are unveiled side by side with updated versions of established models. Getting the latest information about these new and upcoming vehicles can be time consuming especially for the busy person. Now, Auto Parts Online, the leading online retailer of high quality replacement and collision parts, offers an informative resource where its loyal customers as well as other visitors can get the latest scoops on the newest vehicles.

The Auto Blog is Auto Parts Online’s newest offering, has only been online for three months but it has already been releasing excellent information about the auto industry. Helmed by Rowan Pierce, the site’s main blog writer, the Auto Blog has covered a range of automotive topics most notably the new concept and production vehicles released as of this year. The Auto Blog offers informative and relevant articles about these new models as well as many other automotive topics.

Visitors at The Auto Blog can read through great articles under different categories namely Automotive News, Car Reviews, Aftermarket Parts and Accessories, Auto Parts Train News, Automotive Events, Auto Parts, Automotive Trends and Innovations and Automotive Technology.

Don’t Blink: The Different Types of RC Race Cars

RC cars are made to have fun. However, there are some people who take their “fun” very seriously. These are the people who build serious RC race cars and actually pit their skills against each other. This is actually not a new trend. People have started racing model cars even in the early 1940’s. However, the technology during that time was insufficient to properly control the models. These cars were control using a tether and thus, could only run around in circles. True RC race cars were introduced in the late 1960’s. These RC race cars could be controlled from a separate unit and be raced around a track.

There are different classifications of RC race cars according to fuel use and terrain. This is because of the fact that different types of RC race cars may be called superior in different conditions. Here are some classifications:

According to power source:

1) Electric- Electric RC race cars are generally lighter than gas-powered models. They also have the advantage of having more torque. Another advantage to electric RC race cars is the fact that these models are generally more responsive to the controls. This means that a person using an electric RC car will be able to react faster to different conditions on the track. There is also the fact that electric RC cars are generally cleaner in terms of fuel and in terms of the accumulated dirt during races. This means that electric RC race cars are easier to maintain than gas-powered models.

One disadvantage to electric RC race cars is the fact that it can take a long time for people to recharge the batteries. There is also the issue of speed: although electric RC race cars accelerate faster, they generally reach lower top speeds than gas-powered models.

2) Nitro- Nitro RC race cars are powered with a miniature engine that uses a mixture of Nitromethane and lubricant as fuel. Nitro RC race cars are known to reach record-breaking top speeds -much faster than what electric models are capable of. They can also run for longer times and are easier to refuel, which means that they can be enjoyed longer.

The disadvantages to this type of RC car are rooted in the fact that combustion is the process that makes it work. Combustion produces smoke and a lot of noise, which means it can’t be used indoors. It also produces a lot of dirt, which means that Nitro RC race cars generally require more effort to clean. A nitro RC race car also requires regular tuning and maintenance in order to remain in top form.

According to terrain:

1) On-road- Some types of RC race cars are used to compete in paved race tracks. These RC race cars are specially designed to achieve tops speeds and maintain them during races. The wheels of these RC race cars are often designed for maximum speed and minimum friction.

2) Off-road- These RC race cars are made to accelerate and maintain control even when the race track is not paved. These RC race cars are specially designed to grip the ground and maintain top speed. The key to off-road racing is high bottom end torque. This allows off-road RC race cars to dominate the competition when encountering tricky obstacles such as mounds.

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