Five Good Reasons To Take A Defensive Driver Course

You’re probably like the majority of people driving motor vehicles on our roads – careful, responsible and courteous to other drivers. So you might ask yourself, why take a defensive driver course? Well, there are a few very good reasons, as you are about to find out.

Reason #1 (by far) – You Could Save Your Life

Taking a defensive driver course could save your life! It doesn’t matter how careful or responsible you are when driving, accidents can still happen. Many accidents are caused by other drivers you encounter on the roads who act irresponsibly and drive dangerously. This means that in addition to being careful, responsible and courteous yourself, you must also drive defensively to avoid others who drive dangerously.

Reason #2 – Avoid Emotional, Physical and Financial Hardship

Large numbers of people are seriously injured in car accidents each year. Being involved in a car accident results in traumatic emotional, physical and financial hardship, and is often caused through no fault of your own. Accidents like this can affect you and your loved ones for many years to come. Taking advantage of a good defensive driver course can help learn techniques for combating the irresponsible and dangerous driving of others.

Reason #3 – Save Money On Insurance Premiums

Many motor vehicle insurance companies offer discounts and rebates to drivers who have undertaken a certified defensive driver course. Drivers who invest in defensive driving education and present a certificate of completion to their insurance company can often benefit from reduced car insurance costs.

Reason #4 – Traffic Violation Dismissal

In some municipalities, completing a defensive driver course is one of the consequences of being booked for a traffic violation. Completion of the defensive driver course, and presentation of the appropriate documentation can sometimes entitle you to a dismissal of the ticket. Undergoing driver education can also help you to drive in a much safer manner and avoid traffic violations in the first place.

Reason #5 – Learn Many and Varied Strategies For Safety

A good defensive driver course will use many tools to teach safety strategies. Quality courses use videos to show clearly the different defensive driving techniques that are important to remaining safe on the road. A good defensive driver course will often use animations to highlight common mistakes made by drivers. Animations are also used to demonstrate important techniques, such as how drivers should enter and exit from a busy freeway. Escape techniques for avoiding dangerous and aggressive drivers are also valuable tools taught by any good defensive driver course.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to take a good defensive driver course. Saving your life and avoiding physical, financial and emotional hardship alone would be more than enough reason to invest your money in some quality driver education. Don’t delay, do it now!

Hydrogen Car: The Answer To High Gasoline Prices?

The recent rise in gasoline prices have given people more reason to look for alternative means of transportation. The rising cost of using gas may have motivated a lot of people to clamor for an alternative form of transportation that would help usher in an age where humans no longer have to depend a lot on a so-called Oil Economy.
And with the move to look for alternative sources of transportation, many researchers have begun looking into other forms of alternative fuels in order to run future vehicles. One of the most attractive and in fact the most appealing concept provided is the use of hydrogen to run cars. It would only be time before hydrogen cars would be used as the primary transport in the streets. Btu what exactly is it?

A hydrogen car is a relatively new type of transport vehicle that uses hydrogen as its primary on-board fuel. The hydrogen car is different from conventional vehicles in that it uses a different type of engine to make the vehicle move. There are two ways that this can be made possible.
There is one type of hydrogen car can be powered by the burning of hydrogen fuel, much like what happens with a gasoline engine. The hydrogen engine is actually a modified version of the traditional gasoline internal combustion engine. The process used in running both may generally be the same- the force of burning hydrogen provides the explosive power that makes the engine produce mechanical power to make the car move.

A noticeable benefit that a hydrogen powered vehicle provides is that it makes use of a cleaner fuel source for power. This means that using hydrogen as fuel allows lesser polluting substances and chemicals being emitted into the atmosphere. In fact, the hydrogen car concept has been realized because researchers have been looking for a cleaner alternative fuel to be used in the future to replace crude oil. And apparently, hydrogen fits the bill quite nicely.
Another type of hydrogen car being develop today makes use of the hydrogen fuel cell for power instead of a specialized internal combustion engine. In this set-up, the hydrogen is used to provide and generate electrical power that can be used to run the car’s electric motor. This way emissions are totally avoided unlike a car using an internal combustion engine (ICE) running on hydrogen.

Although the use of hydrogen fuel cells is being eyed to have the best potential to power hydrogen cars of the future, the plan may still face certain obstacles. One, hydrogen fuel cells are too expensive to produce using current technology. Not only that, hydrogen fuel cells also tend to be very fragile and sensitive to vibrations and sudden movements. Engineers today are still trying to come up with a design and develop a type of hydrogen fuel cell that can be strong enough to withstand the vibrations frequent bumps that normally comes with traveling by car. And at the same time, there would be a need for a better and more affordable technology to build the hydrogen fuel cells to make them more affordable to consumers.

But despite the challenges still posed on the development of the hydrogen car, its future still remains very bright. What especially makes hydrogen cars so attractive is that hydrogen is a renewable energy resource. This is unlike fossil fuels which will run out sooner or later and may cause even more serious rise in gasoline prices. The hydrogen car proves to be a more logical alternative to a world looking for a means to move away from too much dependence on fossil fuel.

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Car Care Tips Help Teens, Parents as School Starts

Whether they’re driving 500 miles to their university or five miles down the road to high school, students’ knowledge of proper vehicle maintenance will improve both their car’s safety and their personal safety as they head back to school.

High school and college students nationwide understand that being able to drive is tantamount to personal freedom, making it important for them to develop good car care habits early – habits that will pay off for years to come.

That is why Firestone Tire & Service Centers developed a top five list to help students prepare to hit the road before they have to hit the books. Remembering to maintain a vehicle will help reduce repairs and help students save money.

“We hope this top five list bestows high school and college kids with a sense of responsibility for their safety, related to car maintenance,” said Trisha Hessinger, automotive TV program host, car education specialist and pace car driver.

The chance that a 16- to 19-year-old will be in a crash, based on miles driven, is four times that of an older driver, according

to AAA.

A car can break down at the worst possible moment and in the worst situation. The dangers associated with a poorly maintained car are significantly increased by the driver’s inexperience.

Vehicle maintenance is critical in maintaining optimum performance of any vehicle, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

So, if you are a parent of a young driver or a young driver yourself, remember that taking care of a car consists of more than keeping it clean.

Tragic Accident During the Indy Race

A tragic crash took away Paul Dana’s life during the Indy Race opening day at the Homestead-Miami Speedway last Sunday.

Ed Carpenter lost control and crashed his car against the wall and after some spinning ended up in the middle of the race track. Most of the drivers got to avoid hitting Carpenter’s car but Dana couldn’t. He crashed at an approximated speed of 200 miles an hour during the final warm up for the season–opening race.

Paul Dana who was 30 years old died just before noon. This was the first time Dana raced for the Rahal Letterman Racing Team. After the awful accident during the Toyota Indy 300 the other two teammates: Danicka Patrick and Buddy Rice wouldn’t participate in the race out of respect for Dana.

Carpenter suffered of a bruised lung, and was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami on Monday. According to a statement he is awake and alert.

What everybody is wondering now is why Dana didn’t see the signs. Yellow lights where there to let him know something was happening and he should be careful.

IRL President Brian Barnhart declared that even when the series didn’t call it an investigation, they are looking into the accident: this includes reviewing video of the incident, skid marks on the track and the cars involved.

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Airbrush Art Expert-Pamela Shanteau

Pamela Shanteau is a renowned airbrush artists who’s airbrush talent streams over multiple styles and surfaces. She is recognized among her peers and airbrush enthusiasts for your custom airbrush art. Her surfaces choices for her airbrush art include automotive and motorcycles and the body. It is her airbrush art on the motorcycles that has placed her in the ranks with other famous custom airbrush artists.

Her airbrush art has been featured in the 2006 Iwata, the RM 2006 and the 2007 Paint calendars. The 2006 and also the 2007 Signature Harley Davidson calendars have featured Shanteau’s airbrush art. While these calendars show off a great deal of her talent they are by far not the only place where you can see this expert airbrush artist.

Magazines such as Hot Rod, Airbrush Action, AutoGraphics, Easy Rider, Mini-Truckin have featured Shanteau’s airbrush art in their publications. These of course are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to publications that have featured her work.

Shanteau does not just create brilliant airbrush art, she also teaches others how to create the same high quality airbrush art that she herself creates. In February of 2002 she released the book, The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook. In this book she teaches the basics of airbrush art, airbrush types and how to set up an airbrush shop. The book covers such styles of airbrushing such as fingernails, automotive, t-shirts and even leather. In July of 2007 Shanteau released another book to help other artists learn the art of airbrushing. Her book titled, Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing teaches never before seen techniques.

These techniques are her own exclusive techniques she created and she is sharing them with you.
Shanteau offers visual DVD and vhs tapes to help other learn how to create airbrush art on automotives and motorcycles. These videos show you step by step exactly how to do certain techniques to create specific looks. Her series teaches about airbrushing flames, murals and masking techniques and motorcycle gas taking airbrushing. Her videos will give you a more visual learning aid than you would get from the detailed directions in her books, so if you learn better from watching then the videos are your best bet when learning from Shanteau.

Pamela Shanteau also teaches workshops around the United States that offer a hands on learning experience for airbrush artists. Her workshops allow for students to learn her techniques and gain more knowledge while under her supervision. She is there to show you how to do airbrush art, help you quickly spot your mistakes and learn how to advance in your techniques.

Shanteau is truly a gifted airbrush artists and the chance to learn from her will greatly benefit any artist from beginner to advanced. Her styles and techniques are unique to her and she is openly offering to show them to others who truly want to learn airbrush art. She has given artists three great mediums in which to learn from her distinctive personal style. It is this distinctive style that has her ranked high in the airbrush art industry.

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Topwater Bass Fishing

Bass fishing with topwater baits is without a doubt the most fun you can have fishing for large or smallmouth bass. People watch these bass tournaments on the tube and see all these pros using plastic and spinner baits jigs and crankbaits, forget about the fun and excitement you get with topwater baits. Topwater baits create great action and stories to pass on to family and fishing friends.

Bass fishing with topwater baits is without a doubt the most fun you can have fishing for large or smallmouth bass. People watch these bass tournaments on the tube and see all these pros using plastic and spinner baits jigs and crankbaits, forget about the fun and excitement you get with topwater baits. Topwater baits create great action and stories to pass on to family and fishing friends.

The best time I find for topwater bass fishing is in summer, the colder the water the slower the response, and the more you have to work that bait. Early morning and evening are best for topwater bass fishing.

Of course weather effects your choice of lures also, on a bright sunny day it is better to have a light wind to go with it, a bit of a chop makes the bass less spooky. On a calm sunny day use a heavier lure and lighter line for longer casts. Bass tend to become real spooky in calm and clear water, so the further the cast from you the better off you’ll be.

Wind can also change the type of topwater bait you can use I believe that when the wind comes up you should use a smaller bait that makes a lot of noise. The larger baits just plow through the chop, while the smaller baits ride the chop and still make that enticing noise to get the strike you want. Also try to fish through the troughs created by the wind.

Bass fishing topwater baits has some of it’s own quirks you want to be able to make pinpoint casts to cover areas and make a clear retrieve. Most of your topwater bass fishing will be done in shallow water over weed beds, flats and around objects and shoreline cover. The majority of bass population remains in shallow water all summer.

To fish bass with topwater baits cast about a foot or two past your target and bring it as close to the cover as possible. If you do not get a strike after the first few feet reel in and try again and make another cast. Fishing cover like this there is no need to reel the bait all the way to the boat. Work the bait slowly to get that strike from the bass that is hiding in the shadows and under cover. Have patience when fishing topwater baits, let the ripples disapear, and let the bait sit a few seconds before you make you retrieve.

When the bass strikes a topwater bait, wait till you feel the fish before you set the hook. If you try to set that hook when you first see the strike you’ll miss more than you will catch. I can’t count the times that lure has been nocked back towards me by the bass striking that topwater bait.

Now for some of the most popular baits, Poppers are among the oldest of topwater bass fishing lures. They have the dished out face with the line tie in the middle. When retrieved they make a slash noise or “bloop” when popped. Poppers work best in warm, calm, shallow, clear water. You get your action from the rod tip not reeling. The harder you snap the bait the more noise and commotion created.

Stickbaits are rounded, hot-dog shaped lures usually plastic or wood. weighted to float nose up. The only action they have is what the angler ads to make them work. These baits have appeal for big bass, just using the jerk, then real up slack and jerking again produces a good eratic side to side motion that gets lots of attention from bass.

Propbaits are cigar shaped and fitted with propellers on one or both ends. Propbaits can be worked fast or slow, quiet or loud, but stop and go retrieves are best. The bass will let you know what is best so vary your retrieve. Be sure to experiment, propbaits are dynamite around sunken logs, lily pads, and shallow cover. Be sure the blades on the lure run freely,

Wobblers and Crawlers, these baits are particularly best at night or early morning, Examples of these are the Jitterbug or the Crazy Crawler. They make a loud plopping sound when retrieved steadily. Use a steady slow retrieve for the best results with this bass bait.

Buzzbaits are a little like spinnerbaits desingned to be fished on the surface. There are two types, the opposite wire types, with the blade above the hook, and the inline type with everything on one shaft. Excellent for clear water, and pick up less weeds. Again experiment with your working of this bait, twitching and vary speeds to create different noises.

Weedless Spoons are also in this category, designed to be fished in dense cover, either through the thickest weeds, lily pads, or grass. They go through the toughest cover you can find. Fishing with weedless spoons for bass you will want to be using heavy fishing tackle, rods and reels. I like to point my rod tip at the lure on my retrieve, and again here be patient and allow the bass to take the lure.